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Bouquet of peonies and daisies "Divine", photo 1

Bouquet of peonies and daisies "Divine"

  • Rose, spray rose, pink5pcs.
  • Peony pink5pcs.
  • Chamomile, Tanacetum vegmo10pcs.
  • Tape natural

The order is paid after it is issued online. After payment of the order, we collect it and deliver it to the address you have indicated at the time chosen by you.                                         

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Delivery cost for Saint Petersburg - $7.50, is free when ordering from $33.33.                                         

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We will refund the money if you inform us that you did not like the flowers within 12 hours of receiving the order

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About the bouquet

Bouquet, Bouquet with roses, Bouquet white and pink with roses
Type of bouquet
Summer bouquet, A large bouquet, Bright, Author
Bouquet composition
rose, spray rose, pink 5pcs., peony pink 5pcs., chamomile, tanacetum vegmo 10pcs.
tape natural
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